Press Release

April 29, 2010

Contact: Brenda Reed

Dr. Christina Mummert Attends the Cataract and Laser Institute’s Seminar

Dr. Christina Mummert attended the Cataract and Laser Institute's Ocular Disease Update seminar on April 29, 2010. It was held at the Grand Wayne Center in Fort Wayne.

“Twice a year Cataract and Laser Institute offers seminars regarding new approaches in disease management and cataract surgery. This spring, the lecturers focused on updating pharmaceuticals used for common problems in everyday private practice and new technology in intra-ocular lens implants used in cataract surgery." Dr. Mummert said. "The updated treatments will help patients suffering from chronic conditions such as, dry eye, lid disease and comeal disorders. The intra-ocular implants have advanced allowing patients with complex prescriptions more options. In fact, one of our patients is enjoying the benefits now of the toric implant which is used for astigmatism.” Dr. Mummert stated.