Press Release

August 31, 2015

Contact: Brenda Reed

DeGroff Family Eye Care Obtains New Technology, Provides New Treatment

Dr. DeGroff announced that his offices in Berne and Winchester have acquired new therapeutic instrumentation to treat a long-known but poorly-treated eyelid disease.

“The condition is called Blepharitis and it has been around since humans have had eyelids.” Stated Dr.DeGroff. “Blepharitis is an eyelid inflammation and results from toxins produced by bacteria that populate our eyelids. In addition to the bacteria, there are often microscopic mites that live in the eyelash follicles and contribute to the problem.”

Dr.DeGroff continued: “Symptoms of Blepharitis include irritated, red eyelids with varying amount of eyelash crusting, dry scratchy eyes that may water excessively at times, itching of the eyes, intermittent blurred vision, occasional stye formation, loss of lashes, short lashes, among others. It is estimated that forty to fifty percent of the population has some Blepharitis, with the incidence and severity higher as age increases.

Self-treatment by the patient using medicated eye drops and other preparations with home-lid scrubs has had limited success due to time and cost of medications involved. Now, however, there is new treatment available that can significantly reduce or eliminate altogether the signs and symptoms of Blepharitis. The treatment is called BlephEx and involves the use a hand –held instrument by an ‘Eyelid Hygienist’ certified in the procedure. This procedure is provided in the office, takes fifteen to twenty minutes and results in removal of virtually all the biofilm, bacteria and their exotoxins, lash crusting and other inflammatory mediators contributing to the Blepharits. Depending on severity of the condition, the procedure is performed one to four times per year, mush like having teeth cleaned. ”

Dr. DeGroff and his staff are currently providing BlephEx treatment in their Berne and Winchester offices. They can be reached at 260-589-3197 in Berne or 765-584-2020 in Winchester.