Press Release

February 9,2012

Contact: Brenda Reed


On February 8 Dr. Steven DeGroff attended an all-day seminar in Indianapolis regarding new medications to treat eye diseases.

“There are approximately eighty five different causes of blindness” Dr. DeGroff stated “but fortunately,if caught early many of these can be treated with medications or surgery or both.” He continued: “This seminar was presented by internationally-known Dr. Jill Autry, who holds both Doctor of Pharmacy and Doctor of Optometry degrees. She is a consultant with most of the major companies that develop drugs for eye care. She presented the latest advances in medications used to treat eye diseases, including those administered orally and in eye drop form.These yearly meetings, sponsored by the Indiana Optometric Association, coupled with numerous others my associates and I will attend throughout the year, ensures that we can keep abreast of the latest developments to provide care of our patients.”

Drs. Steven DeGroff, O.D., Christine Mummert, O.D. and Steven Stoller, M.D. practice together in Berne and Winchester and have a combined experience in excess of sixty years providing full-scope optical, medical and surgical eye care treatment.