Press Release

January 10, 2010

Contact: Brenda Reed


Dr. Steven A. DeGroff of Family Eye Care in Berne and Winchester attended an all day seminar on February 10 in Indianapolis. Topics of the meeting included glaucoma, infectious diseases of the eyes and inflammatory conditions of the eyes.

“Nationally-recognized speakers presented reviews of new technologies in evaluation of glaucoma and treatment modalities.” Dr. DeGroff explained. “We are pleased to be able to show that with the new diagnostic instrumentation and medications available, we can now prevent significant vision loss from most cases of glaucoma.”

Dr. DeGroff continued “With regard to infections of the eyes, sight-threatening and potentially blinding eye infections are uncommon, often associated with non-compliance to recommended contact lens wearing and care regimen, and are usually treatable. Only in rare instances are we unable to avoid significant vision loss.”

Dr. DeGroff stated that any suspected sight-threatening eye infection should be diagnosed in an eye doctor’s office when able to ensure proper treatment “sometimes an inflammation, which is not an infection, of the eye can be misdiagnosed and mistreated as simply 'pink eye'. And a viral infection must be differentiated from a bacterial infection to assure proper treatment is initiated.”

Dr. DeGroff practiced for over twenty years in Berne and five years in Winchester.