Press Release

September 30, 2010

Contact: Brenda Reed

Dr.DeGroff Attends Macular Degeneration Seminar

Dr. Steven DeGroff of Fmaily Eye Care in Berne and Winchester attended an all-day seminar regarding macular degeneration on September 29, 2010.

“A leading expert researcher in macular degeneration was brought by Fort Wayne’s Cataract and Laser Institute and presented the largest treatments available, plus upcoming technologies for the leading cause of blindness in the U.S,” Dr. DeGroff stated. “We are fortunate to have this quality program right here in Fort Wayne. With over 140 doctors in attendance at the Fort Wayne Marriot, this was one of the best presentations I have attended regarding this potentially visually devastating disease” Dr. DeGroff continued: “We now have more successful treatments for both the dry and wet forms of macular degeneration. Even more exciting is what is coming just around the corner. Good scientific studies are showing that within a year or two, we will have advanced nutritional and medical treatments such that we will see significant slowing of the progression of dry macular degeneration and better reversal than we currently are seeing with regard to the vision loss of the wet form.”

Anyone with concerns of macular degeneration is welcome to call Dr. DeGroff’s office or stop by and visit for more information. Dr.DeGroff and his associate Dr. Christina Mummert have been practicing optometry for a combined 38 years.