Family Eye Care dedicated to providing your entire family with the best professional and personal eye care. In today’s world of discount stores, bargain basements and special sales, shoppers often really do get just what they pay for. That’s why you won’t find any gimmicky “two for one” deals at family Eye Care. What you will find is personal attention that is focused on your best interests – we won’t compromise our professionalism for quick sales. You’ll always receive quality time and service at Family Eye Care.


We offer more than simply exams and eyeglasses. Our total eye care approach means we have what it takes to:

  • Provide Laser Refractive Correction Management
  • Diagnose and treat Uncle Bob’s glaucoma
  • Fit Mom with Special contacts
  • Cure Amy’s pink eye
  • Help Billy overcome his reading difficulties
  • Heal Dad’s eye injuries
  • Fix Tommy’s broken Frames
  • Evaluate Grandpa’s cataracts
  • Manage Grandma’s diabetic eye condition


Family Eye Care is even equipped to handle emergency eye care such as chemical and welding burns as well as foreign objects and debris lodged in the eye. Infections, styes and other vision disorders, such as pain and redness of the eyes, sudden vision loss, light flashes, spots in front of vision and other symptoms are given first priority, no appointment is necessary. Should the need arise, Dr. DeGroff is available for after-hours emergency eye care at 260-589-2688.


Did you know that 80% of your child’s learning is accomplished through the visual system? That’s why Indiana requires a screening by an eye doctor to enter kindergarten, but we go a step further. We perform a complete vision and eye health examination for this important event in your child’s life. On top of it all, we make it fun! With special instruments, computerized equipment and projected cartoons, we’re able to assess with great accuracy and child’s vision and eye health. And all this happens while your bright eyed youngster happy and entertained.


There’s no such thing as a “routine” exam at Family Eye Care. With advanced instruments we can often detect sign of high blood pressure, anemia, high cholesterol, carotid artery dieses, diabetes and other systematic disorders, even brain tumors and strokes.